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Jan 12, 2012

No! No! 8800 Hair Removal Review

For a very, very, VERY long time I have been debating whether to invest in a No! No! Hair Remover machine.  All those fancy infomercials just made me drool all the time and by the end of them I always got THIS close to ordering it. What held me back you ask? The price! It's quite an expensive little machine and I just didn't know if I was ready to slip out $300 + 13% tax + shipping charges.

This was before I became addicted to Kijiji. For those of you who don't know about Kijiji, it's a classified website ( which is very popular in Canada (like craigslist in the States). I found this lovely machine for $200 and without giving it another thought, pounced on this deal as the seller seemed genuine and trustworthy (my assumption after exchanging a few emails).

It was almost brand spanking new with the new package sent to it too. Man oh man, I did the most terrible mistake and tried it at once on my face. Now I don't have extremely dark hair nor do I have thick hair on face, they are fine and black in colour. When I was gliding it across on the side I didn't feel any pain, just a faint smell of hair burning. (Make sure that it's not used in hair that has some length to it or else the hair will get a tiny spark and that will cause the skin to burn) The areas I tried it was the sides, chine and under the chin area. After a couple of days I literally had long scabs, they were very fine like thread and they were all across my sides and underneath my chin.

I FREAKED out! I repacked No! No! and put it away on side and applied load of pure aloe vera gel on the scab area. I really become paranoid about getting scars on my face, so I continued applying aloe vera twice a day on the affected area for 4 days. On the fifth day after washing my face with warm water and face wash i took the towel and lightly scrubbed the area where No! No! had messed my face up. The scabbed part gently got removed because aloe vera helped it heal and revealed a scar-less skin surface underneath.

My joy at seeing this was unbelievable and the relief that washed over me un-explainable.

No!No! has worked for a lot of people with promising, long lasting results but in my case, we were not a good match. There are some areas on my face where No! No! was previously used, that when the hair is in its initial stages of growing back the skin around it gets irritated and very itchy. This has reduced a bit as time goes by and i'm hoping that it goes away soon.

I packed it up, returned to Kijiji ....posted it for the price I bought it for and it was sold the same day by the evening.

I have learned how to make sugar now, and will post an updated recipe for sugar paste soon. I find sugaring to be one of the best and affordable ways of remaining hair free.

Take Care