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Nov 5, 2014

Benefits of Coconut Oil for baby and beauty

Baby products available in stores contain too many chemicals. Sometimes the babies tolerate them well and have no reactions but sometimes they breakout into terrible rashes, develop allergy and break into hives or get eczema patches.Whatever the reason maybe, if there is an all-natural solution then a parent should be all for it.

The main ingredients in Coconut oil are Vitamin E and it's ability to retain moisture. Talking scientifically - it contains healthy fatty acids as well which are good for your body if consumed in diet. It has antioxidant, anti-aging and antimicrobial properties. It's melting point is 25 degree Celsius.

Uses for beauty and health:

  • Best skincare product.Period. As the oil has the ability to hold moisture and contains Vitamin E it is great for skin. Instead of moisturizer, try using coconut oil for a few weeks and you will definitely notice a difference in your skin.
  • If applied in hair, it protects against damage, hair loss and against dandruff by keeping the scalp moist and not drying out.
  • It increases energy if consumed as food (the fatty triglyceride to be exact).
  • It suppresses hunger.
  • Cures bruises and reduces inflammation because of its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • For silky legs, shave with coconut oil
  • Great for eczema prone skin
  • For acne prone skin- after washing your skin/ face, apply a thin layer that gets absorbed quickly every night before bed. You should see a reduction in acne, if not disappearance 
  • Great for babies and protection against rashes, can be used as a diaper barrier instead of petroleum jelly.
  • In babies, it also helps remove cradle cap. Just apply on head before giving baby a bath, wait 10 minutes, then GENTLY brush out the hair and wash in bath. The cradle cap should be removed with in a week to 2 weeks. Please be sure to be super gentle with the head and if it turns pink or red avoid combing for a couple days, and lightly massage coconut oil and let it heal.
  • GREAT for infant massages, doesn't leave greasy residue and absorbs quickly. In winter pure, extra virgin Olive Oil is really good for the wee ones as it has warming properties.